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For every friend you refer to we'll give you $25.00 towards your next purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once your friend has purchased using the link you shared, your reward balance will be automatically credited. It usually takes 5 minutes of less for your reward balance to be credited. If you don’t see the new reward, please contact our support at 877-595-9773.
Once you’ve added the products you wish to purchase to your cart and enter the checkout, you can apply you rewards balance to the order by clicking the ‘Apply Balance’ button in the right sidebar.
When your friend first visits the website, they’ll be prompted to enter their email to receive a discount code for 15% off their first order. But remember they will need to use the referral link you shared with them for you to receive credit.
Sure! However, if you choose not to use the link we won’t be able to track it so you’ll need to call our support after your friend has made a purchase in order to receive the $25 reward.