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Are Legging Pants Appropriate For Work?

Written by: Lysse Team


Ever questioned whether leggings might go from casual weekend wear to the professional sphere of office fashion? The matter of whether dressy leggings are considered suitable for work has come up more often than we realize.

Discover how dressy leggings may be more than simply a weekend staple as we investigate the perfect middle ground between comfort and professionalism. Let's get you prepared for a sophisticated revolution in your wardrobe as you enter the world of formal leggings, where effortless style meets the boardroom!

Can You Wear Leather Leggings To Work?

Leather leggings – the epitome of edgy chic. But do these fashionable and stylish items have a place in the professional setting of the office? Absolutely! When worn properly, leather leggings can seamlessly go from the catwalk to the corporate setting.

For a look that screams confidence and refinement, team them with a clean shirt, a fitted jacket, and shoes. The secret is to strike a balance between the edginess of leather and timeless, professional elements.

What Kind Of Leggings Are Appropriate For Work?

Leggings have become far more popular outside of being gym wear, and businesses have taken note as the purpose of leggings has had a massive shift in recent years.

Choose leggings that trend toward the dressier side if you want to seem professional at work. Look for fabrics with a structure similar to formal pants, such as Ponte, or choose heavier textiles. With a sophisticated style appropriate for the business setting, these leggings offer the same comfort as activewear.

Ponte Leggings For The Win

With their structured and slightly thicker fabric, Ponte leggings offer a perfect compromise between comfort and formality. They hug your curves in the right places while providing a sleek, polished look that aligns with workplace standards. 

Avoid Sheer Fabrics

While sheer leggings might be a hit at the yoga studio, they don't quite make the cut for the workplace. Opt for opaque leggings that offer coverage and maintain a level of professionalism.

Are Leggings OK For Business Casual?

The boundary between formal and casual wear has been blurred as the business casual dress code has become the standard in many industries. The good news is that when worn properly, leggings definitely fall under the category of business casual. The trick is to treat leggings like any other bottom by dressing them up with the right shirts and finishing touches. 

Blouse it Up

Wear your leggings with your blouse for an instant work-ready outfit. Whether it's a classic button-down or a flowy, elegant blouse, this simple addition instantly upgrades the ensemble. 

Add a Blazer

A well-tailored blazer is a very simple touch that turns leggings into a business casual masterpiece. Throw on a blazer, and suddenly, your leggings are part of a sophisticated office outfit. 

How Do You Make Leggings Appropriate For Work?

Making leggings work-appropriate is an art form, and it involves strategic styling and thoughtful choices. Follow these tips to navigate the fine line between comfort and professionalism: 

Choose the Right Fabric

Choose thicker fabrics like knit or Ponte for your leggings. These offer support and coverage, preventing your leggings from veering too far into the casual category. 

Mind Your Tops

Leggings may be worn to the workplace if you match them with the right shirts. Select longer blouses, tunics, or shirts that offer plenty of covering. 

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Choose your accessories carefully because they can make all the difference. From a statement necklace to a stylish watch, a decent accessory can shift the focus from the leggings to the overall look of your outfit. 

Mind the Length

Length matters. For a more put-together and polished look, choose leggings that are full-length or ankle-length. However, capri or cropped leggings might be too casual for most workplaces. 

Tops to Wear With Leggings to Work

Leggings and the appropriate shirt or top could take your outfit from casual to elegant for the office. Here are some of the best recommendations for striking that ideal balance:

Longline Blouses

A longline blouse with a tailored cut is a timeless option that offers coverage and an elegant appearance. 

Wrap-Style Tops

The elegance and sophistication of wrap-style shirts cannot be underestimated. They give a feminine form and a hint of a refined figure by cinching at the waist. 

Sweater Blazers

For a cozy yet professional vibe, consider a sweater blazer. It brings together the structure of a blazer with the comfort of a sweater. 

Tunic Sweaters

Tunic sweaters offer both coverage and warmth. Choose chic and trendy styles that can go well with leggings for a timeless office look. 

How to Wear Leggings To Work 2023

Welcome to the future, where wearing leggings to work at the office is a respectable option rather than only for working out and fitness. Striking a balance between coziness and professionalism is crucial in 2023. For this year and beyond, follow these steps: 

The Power of Prints

Don't be afraid to wear prints. Your professional suit can be given a little personality with a well-selected pair of printed leggings. For a well-balanced style, wear your leggings with solid tops. 

Mix and Match

Play around with various materials and textures. Ponte leggings go well with a silk shirt, while leather leggings go well with a cozy cashmere sweater. The contrast will add a visual appeal to your outfit. 

Monochrome Magic

Choose a monochromatic style by wearing blouses and leggings of the same color. This makes for the ideal smooth and polished appearance.

Strut With Confidence In Leggings For Workwear

You no longer need to wonder how to dress up leggings for work. It's become clear that professionalism and comfort can coexist as we've discussed the intricacies of wearing leggings to work, from the sophistication of dressy leggings to the edginess of leather.

Leggings are no longer just for the weekend — they have earned an important place in business attire. They're also a must-have for the modern professional since they can easily go from the boardroom to after-work events with the correct fabric, tops, and accessories choices.

Get on board with the leggings revolution at work. Experiment, mix, and match to find a look that speaks to your personality, whether it's the structured allure of ponte leggings or the strong statement of leather. Explore our range of leggings for work today.