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Are Leggings Still In Style Winter 2023?

Written by: Lysse Team


Winter's knocking on the door; the hats and scarves are out, and it's time to start layering up. With the holiday season on its way, your winter wardrobe will have extra items to keep the cold out and help you stay warmed up. Boots will inevitably make an appearance in your footwear choices, so you're going to want to wear something more fitted to tuck into your boots. Skinny jeans can feel a tad restrictive, but dressy leggings are a good alternative, especially for the party season and the fashion-conscious.

Comfortable, stretchy, and relaxing, dressy leggings are a game changer for the winter months. Gone are the days when they used to be workout gear because winter leggings are all about thermal comfort with fleece linings while retaining the stretch and breathability of leggings.

As the unsung heroes of style and versatility, dressy leggings are your best friend in all situations. From the office Christmas party to carol singing, and even if you're out on the slopes with your skis on, leggings are the step towards the ultimate winter style when temperatures drop.

In our handy guide, we walk you through all the ways you can wear leggings. We'll also explore winter leggings outfits that will keep you up to date with winter fashion trends in 2024.

Are Leggings Still in Style Winter 2023 (Casual)?

The beauty of leggings lies in their adaptability. Whether you're looking for a leather pair or something with fleecy warmth, casual winter leggings for women are more fashionable than ever. With clothing shifting towards a casual style, especially with the rise in working from home, leggings are turning out to be the chameleons of fashion.

From running errands, doing the weekly groceries, or meeting friends for a casual catch-up between school pickups, leggings are your go-to wardrobe item. But it's not all casual and dress-down — go for a smart casual look by wearing a cashmere or knitted sweater—layer with a smart coat or blazer for a more formal look.

But if you want to keep it comfortably casual and stylish, an oversized sweater, a denim jacket, or a comfy hoodie are perfect for an effortlessly chic casual look wherever you go.

casual winter leggings for women

How To Wear Leggings In Winter 2023

So you want to wear leggings in 2023. Whether you follow the three-layer rule or not, leggings are the perfect base layer. From wearing them under tights (as seen on TikTok) to wearing thermal leggings with a top, layering is definitely the name of the game during winter.

Tunic tops, long sweaters, or chunky knits are excellent companions to your favorite pair of leggings. Mix and match textures and lengths for a trendy, dynamic ensemble. Throw on a faux fur coat to make your summer leggings outfit perfect for the colder weather. 

Fashion Trends: What To Wear With Leggings

Imagine having an item in your wardrobe that goes with anything and everything — leggings are precisely that! They are more than just a passing fashion trend, leggings are a fashion staple. As part of your fashion basics, the magic of leggings lies in their ability to be versatile and compatible with any item.

Do you want to dress them up a bit? Consider a long blouse or a flowy tunic with some statement jewelry — chunky necklaces, delicate bracelets, or an eye-catching belt.

If you're aiming for a sporty look, a graphic tee and a hoodie might just be the answer. From Ponte leggings to jeggings, don't shy away from experimenting with different lengths and fits to find your signature style.


What Shoes To Wear with Your Leggings Outfit

Don't underestimate the impact of fashionable footwear when styling your winter leggings outfit! From sneakers to ankle boots, the world is your oyster when it comes to footwear for leggings.

Pair leggings with sneakers to give off a casual, sporty vibe, while ankle boots can add a touch of timeless sophistication.

Consider high-quality knee-high boots for a more polished look, especially in tan, dark brown, or black. You might also want to consider investing in suede boots for a more upmarket look. 

What Shoes To Wear with Your Leggings Outfit

Are Leggings Still In Style (2024 Winter)?

Leggings aren't just a fad. Their reign is here to stay, and as we move into the Autumn-Winter 2023/24 fashion trends, expect to see even more innovation and creativity in how leggings are styled.

Designers are playing with textures, patterns, and silhouettes — from florals to bold new prints, a pop of color, or leather-style leggings, so there's more choice than ever. 

Winter Leggings for Women

The market is flooded with options — from the comfortably classic black leggings to fleece-lined for warmth, everyday high-waisted leggings to coated crease-front leggings, there really is something for everyone.

Choose high-waisted styles for extra comfort, versatility and sculpted silhouettes for a boost of confidence, or opt for trendy prints to make a statement. Experimentation is the name of the game! 

Winter Leggings for Dresses

Yes, you heard that right — leggings and dresses are a match made in fashion heaven, especially during the colder months. Layer your favorite dress with leggings, throw on a cozy cardigan, and voilà! You've just winterized your summer dress.

But if you want to go for a super cozy style, a sweater dress will keep you toasty. Don't forget to add a belt to accentuate your body shape. Flaunt that figure, whatever the season!

Layer Up By Wearing Leggings

So, are leggings still in style for winter 2023? Absolutely! With their versatility to mix and match, make them your style statement this season.

Whether you're running errands or hitting the town, leggings are your winter wardrobe's best friend. Don't be afraid to get creative and show off your unique style using these trusty, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish wardrobe staples. Browse our range of leggings to layer up this winter in style!