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should a plus size woman wear leggings

Should A Plus Size Woman Wear Leggings?

Written by: Lysse Team


It's an age-old question: how do you wear leggings without feeling self-conscious? The answer is surprisingly simple and applies to women of all sizes, not just plus size. Dressy leggings have become a staple in every woman's wardrobe, offering comfort and versatility. For plus-size women, the question often arises: should a plus-size woman wear leggings? The resounding answer is a confident yes!

Dressy leggings are a game-changer for plus-size women, offering a fashionable and comfortable alternative to traditional bottoms. Whether you're headed to the office, a casual weekend outing, or a formal event, there's a perfect pair of leggings waiting for you. The key lies in understanding how to style them to enhance your curves and embrace your unique body shape.

Let's break down the rules for wearing plus size leggings, ensuring you look fabulous and confident in any setting in our comprehensive guide below filled with tips and tricks.

How Do You Wear Plus Size Leggings in the Summer?

Summer calls for breathable fabrics and light layers. With the sun out and the temperature rising, you need to be comfortable but also covered to avoid excessive sun exposure. Leggings have become a part of summer style, and we have some great tips to keep you cool, comfortable, and stunning on a gorgeous summer's day.

Go for cropped leggings paired with flowy tops or tunics. Choose lighter colors and fabrics to stay cool while looking chic. Don't forget stylish sandals or sneakers to complete the summer look.

Plus Size Tunic Dresses To Wear with Leggings

For an extra style tip, look relaxed and on-trend with plus-size tunic dresses — the perfect pairing for leggings. These versatile dresses offer a flattering silhouette, providing you with plenty of coverage while allowing you to showcase your favorite leggings underneath. From casual outings to more formal occasions, plus-size tunic dresses effortlessly combine fashion and comfort. 

How Do You Wear Leggings Over 50?

Age is just a number, and nothing is stopping you from wearing leggings and being the fashion icon that lies within you.

Leggings for older women are a classic and timeless addition to your wardrobe, and they don't get the recognition they deserve. With sophisticated prints and classic black leggings to choose from, you only need to wear them with longer tops or tunics for a polished look. Why not also add stylish accessories like a statement necklace or a chic scarf to give your outfit a bit of pizzazz?

How to Wear Leggings Over 50: Plus Size

Wondering how to wear plus-size leggings over 50? Pick up a pair of high-waisted leggings, particularly with a broad and supportive waistband. Comfortable and with plenty of coverage, high-waisted leggings work well with blouses and longer tops. Incorporate sophisticated layers and accessories to create polished, age-appropriate looks that exude confidence and fashion-forward flair.

How Long Should A Top Be To Wear With Leggings?

Wondering whether to go high or low with what top to wear with your leggings? The ideal length for a top to wear with leggings is one that provides coverage in the right places. Long-length tops, tunics, longer blouses, or even dresses are excellent choices. Look for tops with lengths that hit mid-thigh or below to create a balanced and stylish outfit. 

Plus Size Tops To Wear With Leggings and Boots

Elevate your fall and winter wardrobe with stylish plus-size tops that seamlessly complement both leggings and boots. Opt for longer tunics or oversized sweaters to achieve a balanced and trendy look. Experiment with layers, textures, and colors to create chic ensembles that celebrate your curves while keeping you warm and fashionable. 

What Body Type Can Wear Leggings?

Leggings are a versatile and flexible wardrobe staple that works with a variety of body types, making them a go-to choice for many fashion enthusiasts. The beauty of leggings lies in their ability to highlight and celebrate different figures. Whether you have an athletic build, an hourglass silhouette, or a pear-shaped frame, there's a style of leggings for every unique body type.

For those with an athletic body type, high-waisted leggings define the waist and showcase toned legs. If you have an hourglass figure, leggings with patterns or details at the ankles draw attention to your curves. For pear-shaped individuals, choose darker leggings with longer tops to create a balanced and flattering look.

As always, confidence is the key to rocking any outfit, so feel free to experiment with different styles until you find what makes you feel fantastic. The beauty of leggings is that they're not confined to a specific body type — they're for everyone, and the best pair is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Plus Size Leggings Outfit Ideas

From athleisure chic to casual elegance, mix and match leggings with tunics, oversized sweaters, or tailored blazers. Add some bold accessories and footwear to express your personal style, ensuring that every outfit celebrates your curves with confidence. 

Do Leggings Look Good on Plus Size?

Leggings are a great choice for plus-size women, offering relaxed, snug comfort with a variety of fashion options. The key is to choose leggings that provide plenty of stretch and support while making the most of your curves. High-waisted leggings are particularly flattering as they offer extra coverage around the midsection, providing a smooth and polished look.

When it comes to patterns and colors, don't be afraid to express your personal style. Darker shades and subtle patterns can be both stylish and slimming. Wear your leggings with longer tops or oversized sweaters for a well-balanced outfit look. Use accessories to make your outfit stand out — think statement belts or bold jewelry to add flair to your look.

There's a wide variety of plus-size leggings available, so explore different fabrics and styles to find what suits your preferences. Leggings aren't just a piece of clothing. They work for your unique style, and when chosen thoughtfully, they can make you look and feel fabulous.

Women, What Are the Best Leggings for Plus Size?

When it comes to finding the best leggings for plus size, it's all about the fit, fabric, and style that match up with your preferences. Look for leggings made from a woven blend of spandex or elastane for that perfect stretch without feeling restrictive. A high-rise design provides additional support and coverage around the waist, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are a bonus, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Consider leggings with reinforced seams for durability, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Whether you prefer solid colors, bold patterns, or textured fabrics, there's a vast array of options that work to cater to the fashion needs of plus-size women.

Love Your Curves With Plus Size Leggings

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